Opening Arash Complex


Opening of Arash pit stop and digging at the administrative building of the federation of motorcycle riding and motoring.

The fifth specialized meeting of the Sabzzivar was held with the aim of gathering and exchanging experiences and examining the latest topics of waste management in the areas of culture, education, recycling, transportation and also organizational productivity, job satisfaction and overcoming the issues and challenges facing the managers of mega projects in the historic city.

In the meeting, held for three days with the executive directors of Sabzziavr’s projects throughout the country and staff managers in the Yazd city hall (Mashirolmamalek), the latest discussions on waste management were reviewed and analyzed and the company's projects in different cities of the country exchanged experiences and presented their performance and achievements.

The first day of the workshop was focused on the strategic plan of the company in the coming years. In the following, the performance of the company's projects was presented by the project control unit on the first and second days and analyzed by Mr. Afshin Heidarkhani. The third day was organized by strategic management and then motivational - educational workshop was conducted by Mr. Vahid Jafari.

It also marks the anniversary of the twenty - fifth year of Sabzziavr Birthday.

The fifth specialized meeting of the municipal solid waste management Sabzzivar with the photograph of all of the managers of the company in the hall of Yazd (Mashirolmamalek). Here is a selection of the images of this meeting.










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