Bandar Anzali & Rasht Host of Sabzzivar Managers


The Third Specialized Seminar of Sabzzivar’s Managers

The Third specialized seminar of Sabzzivar’s managers was held in two cities: Bandar Anzali and Rasht, during 4 days from 25th to 28th of October, 2016.

Senior managers, central office managers and project supervisors of Sabzzivar Company, international affairs consultant in Middle East, North Africa and Europe were present in this seminar. During first three days specialized workshops, some topics such as: management, body language, negotiation techniques, project control, and innovation of organizational correspondence techniques, utilization techniques of networks and websites, KIZEN management and organizational improvement techniques were taught; OmranSakhtMiad Company and Sabzzivar’s great production unit of urban services utilities were also introduced in conference hall of SefidKenar Hotel of Bandar Anzali city. 

The main seminar of this event was held in police force conference hall in Rasht town. In this seminar of Sabzzivar managers, Ms. Shirzad, member of Rasht council, and Ms. Rastegar, mayor of Rasht, Mr. Fakour, Bandar Anzali mayor’s assistant a group of city officials of Anzali and Rasht were present in this seminar and also more than 800 workers, project supervisors and administrative personnel of projects.

The seminar started by Recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and then the National Anthem. Welcoming and introduction teaser of company was displayed. The next part was Mr. Afshin Heidarkhani, Sabzzivar’s directing manager’s speech including appreciation of managers and supervisors all over Iran. 

In the following, Mr. Fakour, Anzali mayor’s assistant, made a speech. While acknowledging Sabzzivar managers, he stated that from the beginning of this company’s activity in Anzali town, big changes occurred in waste management, collecting and recycling of trash. 

After plan of appreciation of municipality workers and donating to them letter of appreciation by Mr. Fakour and Sabzzivar’s managing director, coordinating manager and chairman of the board.

This seminar continued by speech of Ms. Shirzad, member of Rasht council. Referring to services of municipality and Sabzzivar Company to workers and preserving value and position of this hardworking class of society, she demanded more attention to this vulnerable society category.

Ms. Rastegar, mayor of district 3 of Rasht, was another speechmaker of this event. She praised hard work and activities of Sabzzivar Company in this section of town.

After that, executive mangers, supervisors and foremen of Rasht and Bandar Anzali were praised by donating letter of appreciation to them.

At the end, executive managers showed their gratitude to chief managers of company by donating honorable mention.

The seminar finished by entertaining guests.



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