Continue the presence of Sabzzivar in Rasht and Shiraz


Sabzzivar won the tender in regions 2, 3, 5 Rasht and 4, 5, Shiraz.

According to Inter - Services Public Relations of The Sabzzivar, this company has projects in the recent years of transportation, collection and transport in two regions of Rasht, and two regions of Shiraz, after the tender in 2019, Sabzzivar won the tender and will be in the three Rasht regions for three more years (2022). Sbazzivar also won the tender of two regions (4 and 5) of the Shiraz for the next three years.









  • Floor 11 - Derakhti  building
  •  Derakhti St  -  Karaj  -  IRAN
  • 0098-2633535098
  • 0098-2633535099
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