Great conference honoring the Kashan`s sweepers


The Sixth special session of the Sabzzivar waste management forum held

The sixth specialized meeting was held in kashan university with the presence of staff, executive directors and supervisors of Shiraz, Isfahan, Rasht, Ramsar, Kashan, Neyshabur, Kish and Yazd.

According to Inter - Services Public Relations of The Sabzzivar, this meeting was held at the conference hall of Kashan university analyzed the latest topics of waste management in Isfahan, Shiraz, Rasht, Ramsar, Yazd, Neyshabour , Kashan and Kish company to exchange experiences and presenting their performance and achievements in the form of workshops. After four days and by presenting the performance of the project and reviewing their strengths and weaknesses, the meeting ended with the conclusion of the grand conference in Kashan city.

The third largest symposium was honored with the presence of sweepers, the mayor of the city, mayor council employees and other municipal officials in Kashan, with the attendance of the two - and five - city districts, and was appreciated by the best sweepers. The performance of live music by Mohsen Ashrafzadeh, and another perforamance by Sasan karimi and Mahmud Shahriari was held in this ceremony.

Afshin Heidarkhani, the ceo of Sabzzivar, in statements thanked sweepers and greeted the city authorities of Kashan in the ceremony. He also pointed out the development of Kashan city managers at the beginning of their work in Kashan city. He also mentioned this association is an opportunity to provide better services to citizens and to solve problems and obstacles to start work in the city. The ceo also thanked the efforts and the night - to - day efforts of sweepers in the city of Kashan and considered them worthy of respect and appreciation.

Saeed Abrishamierad, the mayor of Kashan, thanked Sabzzivar and praised the meeting at the municipal level as he praised his participation in municipality. He also added: "I appreciate the extraordinary innovation of my participation in the conference. I'm proud to be honored to appreciate the great part of Kashan's urban management, and I am glad to see you in Kashan. Certainly your colleagues and my colleagues will appreciate this valuable work. The company, which has not seen its sample in Kashan city in recent years, has shown that it serves as a real meaning to the slogan of municipality - respect.'

Ali Rasulzadeh, the chairman of the city council of Kashan, also greeted guests and managers and executives of valuable services in the city and considered them worthy of respect. He also praised Sabzzivar for holding an exaltation conference in Kashan and hoped that this valuable move would continue in the coming years.














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